Who's More Spiritual?

During this time of awareness I see many of us waking up from the slumber that has been placed upon us. We as Humans are recognizing our powers of Manifestation, Awareness, Genuineness, Intuition, and Consciousness or as I like to call it MAGIC! However, with great power comes great responsibilities. Because of this I want to bring to light the sneakiness of one’s Spiritual ego. When you are on a spiritual journey to become your greatest version, believe it or not your spiritual ego can become rather arrogant at times. I’m not saying this is all true, this is about my journey and experience with my spiritual ego. After reading this please feel free to come to your own conclusion based on your experiences.

The first time I was made aware of my spiritual ego was when I went to a flea market in my neighborhood about a month ago. My husband and I went to check it out and as we are perusing through vendors’ tables he noticed an eco-friendly/organic vendor in the distance. I of course made a B line to that table to check out what they had. The lady had an array of random merchandise. I have a built in vibe detector which most of us do and I felt her energy from 3 feet away. She was not a happy camper at all.

As she came towards, us her demeanor was very negative and authoritative. We continued to converse with her and she mentioned that she was very spiritual and that she is sensitive to energies. I totally get this because I have been in situations where I would go somewhere and feel drained from the amount of energy passing through.

However, she mentioned how appalled she was at the lack of awareness there was in community but she said it in a superior tone. My husband and I are both very intuitive people in our own way as is everyone. I all of a sudden felt this emotion of well she doesn’t know who she’s talking to I’m more spiritual than you. In my head I understood that it was my ego talking but the fact that it was trying to quantify how much more “spiritual” I am was absurd. So while she was portraying that she was superior than the community I was not thinking any better. It’s funny how it became a cycle.

I reflected a lot on this as the weeks went by. I came to the understanding that as humans and spiritual beings we are so excited to have learned something new about how life and the universe work in tandem that we forget that not everyone is on the same pace or spiritual journey as one another. We cannot physically quantify who is more “spiritual” than whom. This is not a tug of war game is a game of life. We must accept one another as they are and understand that everyone is running at different pace. We attract things in our lives to teach us lessons and for me that was definitely a lesson I learned.

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