About Me

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I'm Arianna Corsino

I'm here to help you expand your consciousness and discover your natural healing ability mentally and physically.

I help conscious beings like you feel seen and heard so you can :

  • Feel confident within yourself

  • Attract more experiences into your life that are in line with your true essence

  • Metaphysically unblock yourself from what no longer services your highest good

  • Answer life's questions about personal experiences

  • Explore metaphysical topics like time travel, dimensions, synchronistic events, & more!

During my awakening journey in 2008, I went through so many struggles including deep depression, feeling like an outcast amongst friends & family, and even feeling like I was going psych-ward type crazy. I tried all types of healing and modalities back when it was difficult to find like-minded people. I kept searching for answers to my plethora of questions.

Then in 2016, I stumbled upon a video of Dolores Canon during a time I was feeling lost (again) and it change my life. I took her course to become a hypnosis practitioner and my mind was blown! I was finally getting the answers I had been seeking. During my journey as a hypnotist, I learned so much valuable information about the universe around us and I helped hundreds of clients discover so much about themselves. 

Most recently, I had a close family member diagnosed with cancer and through that experience, I learned how to heal the physical body using natural remedies without western medicine intervention. During that experience, I was divinely guided to become a Medical Intuitive. 

Fun Facts About Me

  • I'm a native New Yorker.

  • I once owned my own bridal gown brand.

  • I'm obsessed with solving mysteries & puzzles. Especially if it involves the supernatural.

  • I'm a huge nerd: I like star trek, I go to Comic-Con, love marvel movies, and I play Dungeons & Dragons.

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